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About Us
  • Eighteen years experience in designing/implementing "lean", continuous flow work cells for various products' manufacture, processing
  • Implements advanced adaptation (trademarked TSS) of the highly successful Toyota Production System, tailored to Western plants. System learned in Japan from Toyota affiliate and developer of system, Aisin Seiki, maker of parts for Toyota
  • Premier, total-capability team production systems company in the Americas
  • Has developed unique equipment to support TSS and lean manufacturing; ensure optimum productivity, ergonomics, reliability
  • Distributor/OEM for various "lean processing" machinery and productivity devices to ensure economical access for clients to necessary equipment

Provide total team, lean maunfacturing systems and equipment capability

  • Current Process Analysis and Re-engineering
  • Line Layout and Station Design, Configuration
  • Teamwork Training
  • Machinery, Work-Aids, Accessories Supply, Design
  • Equipment Installation, Conversion
  • Systems, Lean Processing and Kaizen Training
  • Management Training in managing "lean", teams
  • Support Services