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Americas 21st has had a broad range of accomplishments in its many years of improving processes, including:
  • Three of its plants have won the prestigious Industry Week “Best Plants in North America” awards
  • A number of North American and other plants were saved from shutdown and job outsourcing by its improvements in productivity and throughput
  • A major producer of automotive electronics saw its productivity improve by 70 percent after implementation
  • A printing plant was able to increase by as much as 50% its utilization of presses, die cutters, sheeting and other equipment by better set-up and changeover techniques engineered by Americas 21st
  • Rental uniform companies routinely double productivity with its customization system implementation
  • A distribution center improved its picking and processing operations to increase same-day deliveries, while increasing productivity
  • Labor-intensive sewn products’ companies attain same-day processing of units and average 50% productivity gains with TSS
  • Its broad training programs have motivated management and line employees to team more effectively for improved results