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Ergonomic Pedals ~ Production Pace Timers ~ Adjustable Ergonomic Stands ~ Motorized Adjustable Stands ~ Ergonomically-Sound Tabletops ~ Tabling Accessories ~ Anti-Fatigue Mats ~ Trouble Light Systems ~ Emblem Sewing Station ~ Hemming Station

Ergonomic pedals have a very low-profile for healthy stand-up sewing/activation, permitting the operator to balance his/her weight on both legs. Various models provide single- and two-stage activation of cycling machines or multi-functional control of sewing equipment (low and high speed, trim, and footlift). Pedals match Americas 21st Inc. putty stand and table color and are comparable with its slide pedal bar. Many configurations by way of custom made harnesses, speed controls, etc.



Single One-Stage: One-stage function activation in air or electric configurations
Single Two-Stage: Two-stage function for positioning, then activation in air or electric configuration
Four-Position: Electric with four functions (low, high speed; trim, foot lift)
Three-Stage Electric: Three functions by electric microswitches

Pedals can interface with most machines. Call with your specific needs.

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Help your teams and management keep up with production goals with a visual display of actual output versus target. Unit displays current production target based on pre-entered rate and actual units completed on a bright two-line, two/four-inch high numeric display.


Display: Two/four-inch high display of goal (red) and actual (green), up to four digits. Memory saves display in outages. RS 485/232 Computer interface.
Rate: Goal can be set to change from one to 9999 seconds
Voltage: 110 VAC 60 HZ Single Phase
Control: Remote palm switch connected by cable. Optional multi digit inputs via key pad entry.
Mounting: Wall-mountableOptional post available at additional cost to clamp to work table

Other configurations available call, fax or email us with your specific needs.

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Americas 21st, Inc. offers high quality, precision adjustable ergonomic work stands in several different widths and styles for various equipment configurations. The stands have a smooth, reliable, safe mechanical crank system for the adjustment of surface height. The crank mechanism is also easily converted to electric push-button operation, if required, such as in two-shift operations or where many different employees are using a work table throughout a shift. Also optional is an add-on surface tilt mechanism for forward and back table sloping as needed for gravity work assistance or operator visibility. The stand features a sliding pedal mount bar for various machine foot controls and heavy-duty fully locking casters. All adjustments are designed for operator use without mechanic involvement. The work station can also include a rear hinged top box to hold air, electrical and other cables and connectors to permit series connections for rapid layout changes and a safe, uncluttered set-up in work cells.


Americas 21st also offers a line of customized Ergonomic work station and accessories specially design to your needs. Contact us for your free quote


  • 16" height adjustment range with electric (option) or manual crank from lowest to highest
  • Tilt forward or back when equipped (option)
  • Heavy-duty frame to support up to 600 pounds; special order available for greater weights
  • All locking casters
  • Fully-adjustable pedal bar, left-to-right and forward -to-back
  • Durable powder-coated white smooth finish other colors as special order available
  • Available widths of 37.5", 48.5”, and 56" with special order for other sizes
  • Accepts tabletops widths from 24" to 60" with various depths
  • Fully assembled
Americas 21st also offers a line of motorized electric stands in various widths and styles. By pushing a button, operator can quickly raise or lower table height.


  • Motor-driven with top quality reliable worm shaft and gear (no hydraulics)
  • 220 or 110 volt motor
  • Hand crank tilt
  • Available in 30", 40", and 50" lengths. Other sizes custom order.
  • 16" height adjustment at speed of 0.75" per second
  • Optional pedal mounting bar and casters
Your standard sit-downs are not properly dimensioned for stand-up sewing. Americas 21st tops are specially prepared to obtain the proper relationship of body to machine and work materials. Available in most machine cutouts or provide your patterns to match your needs.
Enhance production with various work accessories which customize tabletops to the task at hand.


Widths: 28", 38", 48", and 60" and
other custom sizes
Depths: 24" and 30" and other custom sizes
Thickness: 1 1/2" standard, others available
Composition: Plywood with putty color veneer and molding

Call Fax or Email us with your specific needs

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Adapt Americas 21st Inc. standard configurations for special applications and productive work handling and supply.

L-Extensions: Expands widths by 15" and depth by 12"

Work Support Bar: Table-front mount holds material

Garment Holder: Short bar holds pieces in process

Shelves: 24" x 24" with brackets for storage of materials off work surface

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Rubber composition mats provide a firm but cushioned walking surface to ease fatigue and provide comfort on concrete and other flooring. Units interlock to create required configuration. Beveled edges enhance safety.


Width: 31.25 inches
Length: 27.5 inches
Depth: 1/2 inch
Styles: Single (no interlocking teeth)Center (interlocking both ends)End (interlocking one end)
Composition: Rubber with air pockets to cushion user

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Bring help immediately to your production areas based on visual signaling and a horn alarm. Display includes three bright strobe-type lights whose color indicates the nature of the problem. Includes a downtime counter display that records length of time red light is activated. Audio alarm provides automatic signal on red and manual beeping on blue or yellow lights. Can be connected to a remote alarm (available separately) in maintenance, production, or supervisor's office.




Voltage: 160 VAC 60 HZ Single Phase
Display: Bright red, yellow, and blue strobe lights
Activation: On-off push buttons for each signal and horn and reset
Downtime Counter: Records in seconds the amount of time the red light is activated until reset or light is turned off
Maintenance Box: Optional, separately-priced, remote box indicates which signal has been activated and remains on until light is turned off at the source. Internal beeper simultaneously sounds an alarm.

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A Single Needle Lockstitch with thread trimmers and electric foot lifter has been configured specially to speed emblem sewing. The sewing machine mechanism has been adapted to permit free-hand sewing of emblems with monofilament and standard threads. Free hands’ sewing eliminates the time-consuming and productivity-sapping turning of shirts to sew each side of the emblem and in most cases it remains on the hanger, eliminating the need of removal and re-hanging of the garment. To attain a quality, accurate sew and speed training, a laser light indicator and special foot ease sewing on the Merrow border to prevent later curling. The Machine has been turned sideways and elevated to give greater visibility of the sewing area and to ease handling, further enhancing productivity. Trained team members/operators can often match and exceed semi-automated equipment while providing flexibility on emblem shapes.

Any brand/model single needle equipped with thread trimmer can be adapted.

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Americas 21st has dramatically improved the traditional hemming station. Configured for a variety of sewing heads (blindstitch or single-needle lockstitch depending upon customer preference), the station includes a pedal-operated clamp to hold the trousers and hanger during sewing. The clamp frees the team member’s hands for feeding the garment leg for an accurate, even hem. On blindstitch machines the company adds an air trimmer to speed completion of the operation.

To the left of the clamp an industrial-grade portable steam iron has been added to permit quick pressing of sewn hems for a crisp edge and also to prepare for sewing let-out hems, eliminating the crease. The iron is mounted on a tool balancer to ease handling and speed processing.

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