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Designed for rental and direct sale of uniforms and other garments, the TSS line speeds order processing by efficient handling and production (separate mending lines also available):


  • Measure, cutting and marking of trouser and pants hems
  • Blindstitch or single-needle hemming
  • Heat sealing of barcode and ID labels and of removal of old ones
  • Sewing of emblems
  • Inspection, tie out, scanning of order
  • Attachment of RFID chips

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  • Two- to three-member team
  • In full rental uniform processing achieves 45 - 50 units per employee hour after pulling
  • Orders kept together in processing for minimum handling
  • Unique equipment configured for productivity and ergonomics
  • Work always balanced
  • Payback less than one year in most cases (depending upon volume processed and wage rates)

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Analysis of current operations

  • Line Design
  • Staffing
  • Layout
  • Financial/Productivity Comparison
Analysis and recommendations on Stock Room/Mending activities
Teamwork training
Equipment conversion, installation and technical training
Design of pay system
Operational training
Supply of specialized sewing, other equipment


One-day on-site optional study of present operations

  • Detailed study
  • Information gathering
  • Written report
  • Verbal presentation
  • $3,500 cost (discounted $500 to CSC-UniLink members) plus coach airfare

Full/Partial Projects

  • Teamwork training (full project)
  • Management overview (full project)
  • Conversion, set-up, installation, and support (full/partial projects)
  • Operational training (reduced in partial project)
  • Follow-up (optional)
  • Cost varies by equipment need, full or partial project scope
  • Equipment (with optional installation services) also available without training-implementation services



Training Services Sheet

Lean Processing Sheet

Mending Sheet

Pacer Sheet

Stock Room Sheet

Stock Room Tune-Up Sheet