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How We Work

We provide a framework of innovative employee training and development processes as well as extensive Human Resources consulting services designed to improve employee performance and increase business results. We help guide organizations through today’s highly competitive waters with unique services and programs. We specialize in customized team, management and leadership development approaches, understanding that your employee is your most valuable business asset. By offering a full range of Human Resources services we help you to meet your business goals by creating a workforce and culture that supports your organization mission and direction.

Our approach is systems oriented. We assess your business needs and work in partnership with your team to create realistic and focused business solutions aligned with your organizational culture and philosophy. We work with you to develop and implement training, facilitation and consulting processes and solutions designed for all to meet personal and business objectives. Our proven methodologies, tools and assessments will help you to create the winning team needed to transform your organization. Each customer is unique and all processes are based on individual needs and requirements.

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Training Programs

Supervisory/Management Development

In this series we focus on the fundamental skills that team leaders/coaches, supervisors and managers need to be effectives in their roles. We focus on the skills which will enable these key contributors to effectively lead the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Team Development

We provide the necessary tools for teams to communicate, establish goals and work effectively to achieve results. From team development to conflict resolution we offer an approach which focuses on quality and continuous improvement. We work toward the ultimate goal of internal and external customer satisfaction.

Diversity Awareness

We lead managers and team members to a greater understanding of appreciation for and respect of diversity in the workplace. We explore the diverse workforce of the future from individual, team and leadership levels.

Personal and Professional Development

We focus on individual strengths and areas for opportunity as we work with professionals on personal growth in the context of organizational mission and vision. As we develop professional skills we improve individual performance and increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Customer Service

We equip your employees with the tools to recognize and perform extraordinary customer service. In today’s highly competitive markets, merely meeting customer expectations is no longer acceptable – we teach you how to create a customer focused culture resulting in increased customer loyalty and long-lasting business relationships..

Change Management

We offer solutions to your “change challenges” as we work with employees on the often difficult task of creating an “opportunity” from an obstacle. We work through the change process by offering systems solutions in an energized and creative environment.

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Consulting Services

We offer a full range of general consulting services all designed to help our clients maximize their human resources. As with our training processes, we approach all assignments with a systems oriented approach, creating a customized plan to achieve optimal results and long-term success for our clients.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

We facilitate groups of executives, Boards of Directors and other business governing bodies in developing their business or function. This process typically includes development of a vision, agreement on and commitment to an organizational mission and development of operating guidelines. We create a “roadmap” for the group as we develop business and performance objectives which become part of the ongoing action plan. Any business group which is looking to become more productive, change business focus or direction will benefit from this session.

Are We Ready for Teams?

We offer support services as you consider taking your organization to a team-based environment. We review your organizational goals, examine the evolution of change, assess commitment to the change and formulate an action plan to address all organizational components that will be a part of the change. We assess current capabilities to decide what type of training will support the organization’s new direction. This assistance is recommended for all who are considering transitioning to a team-based environment. Critical action areas may include manager, supervisor and team member developmental activities.

Training/Needs Assessment

We will help to assess your current organizational challenges in such areas as Management and Employee Development, Communication, Diversity Awareness, Leadership Capabilities, Conflict Resolution and Succession Planning to map out an action plan for change and improvement. We involve all levels of the organization in this process resulting in a realistic proposal of solutions and results.

Executive Team Retreats

We coordinate and facilitate off-site executive/board level retreats designed for strategic planning and executive team development. The content and focus of these sessions will depend on organizational mission and direction. We custom design your time away to make it productive and enjoyable, incorporating interactive challenges that energize the team. As we develop the meeting agenda, we focus on leadership skills, team-building, problem-solving techniques and action plans for change which can be taken back to the workplace. We will work closely with you to locate a suitable venue and develop a demanding and creative agenda of events and activities.

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360 Degree Feedback

We will assist as you embark on 360º Feedback and Assessment processes. We will provide the tools and facilitate the assessment process for individuals, team and organizational assessments. Individual and team assessments are designed to
provide feedback in leadership, interpersonal, communication, listening, time management and a variety of other skill and performance areas. Organizational assessments are developed to assess organization climate and culture, employee attitude and customer satisfaction.

Performance Management/Compensation

We assist in developing specific, measurable and time-based performance standards in order for team members to attain personal and organizational objectives. Our results-driven systems enable managers to give constructive and timely feedback on objective criteria leading to improved performance and measurable results. We feel that compensation systems should reflect organizational culture and strategy in terms of paying for individual and team results. We will work with you to develop, design and deliver an effective compensation/performance management system which will gain commitment to high performance standards from all participants.

Strategic Coaching

One-on-One Coaching can be an extremely effective tool in helping individuals adapt to change, assume additional responsibilities, improve job performance, discover additional skills, work with business challenges, improve interpersonal relationships and increase self-esteem. Using a structured format and position related assessments we will work to develop your employees to their fullest potential by identifying areas for opportunity and capitalizing on talents and skills. We constantly reinforce individual performance by aligning individual goals and objectives with business strategies and initiatives. We provide the follow-up tools for individuals to continue the improvement process and develop managers’ skills in the areas of employee motivation and development.

In addition, we offer specific sessions for managers and supervisors to coach their employees to levels of increased performances. We work with participants to develop an effective communication coaching style with concrete action plans in their developmental conversations with their employees.

Consulting Services (Human Resources)

We provide services to augment your current Human Resources activities in the areas of interim HR support, functional out-sourced HR services to help manage particular HR services and project work bringing additional professional support to your HR department.

Human Resources Audits

We assess your organization’s HR policies, practices and protocol to see if they are truly
helping you to achieve your desired organizational results. We offer information on Best HR Practices and, most importantly, what is best for your organization. We review
current procedures and work with you to develop and implement systems that will help you to make the best use of your human resources.

Interim Human Resources Support

We will step in to give you the added HR support during periods when you may be short-staffed, deluged with many projects and assignments, recruiting additional HR support or meeting the demands of company mergers, acquisitions, reorganization or downsizing.
We provide a fresh perspective and will establish the systems that form the foundation of a productive and effective HR organization.

Company Policies and Employee Handbook

As you communicate your organizational culture, mission and operational guidelines, we will assist you in the development of a meaningful and user-friendly employee handbook. We will develop content specific to your business needs, ensuring that policies and procedures are understood and communicated consistently while conforming to all legal requirements.
Retained Search: We offer a complete retained search approach that ensures the best candidate to fill your position, work within your organization’s culture and very quickly begin to add value to your organization. We identify and interview candidates using a structured behavioral approach presenting those whom we feel will most completely augment and enhance your existing management team.

Recruiting Support

We provide recruiting support in all key areas of recruitment and retention. We handle the entire process to include position description and content, establishing salary parameters, identifying internal and external candidates, conducting in-depth behavioral
assessments, interviewing, reference checking. Key to the recruitment process is developing a retention plan for individual and organizational success.

Compensation Plans

We work with you to develop compensation/incentive/reward systems which will attract and retain the most competent people to contribute to your organization’s success. We develop a compensation philosophy which supports your organization’s culture and strategic goals. The compensation plan may include:

  • Job descriptions
  • Salary ranges
  • Position benchmarks
  • Internal equity and external position in the marketplace
  • Salary and succession planning
  • Individual and team incentive plans
  • Executive compensation

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Specific Training Programs

Coach for Success: Your supervisors and managers will identify the skills needed to develop and motivate individuals and teams for increased productivity. A variety of skills are introduced including communication, behavior-styles, problem-solving and conflict resolution in order for participants to identify specific areas of skill and performance improvement.

Course Length: Classroom 1 – 2 Days
Target Audience:

Effective Communication Skills: In this basic module participants will develop a roadmap for working more effectively with others in order to accomplish tasks and increase productivity. With a basic understanding of four key behavioral styles all will develop an understanding of their own behavior style and preference as well as techniques for relating to those with different styles.

Course Length: Classroom 4 – 8 hours
Target Audience:

Reducing and Resolving Conflict: This powerful program will help individuals and teams develop the understanding and skills to work through difficult interpersonal conflicts and issues. We develop skills that are essential for effective teamwork and communication.

Course Length: Classroom 4 – 8 hours
Target Audience:

Coaching for Improved Performance: This session will help the supervisor/manager assess an employee’s performance, identify target areas for improvement and, most importantly lead an interactive performance dialogue. Motivation techniques and Improvement Action Plans will be developed.

Course Length: Classroom – 4 hours
Target Audience:

Team Development

Introduction to Team Development: Those new to the team development process will receive a general overview of basic team dynamics, characteristics and challenges. We explore the stages of team development, role of the team leader and common team problems.
Course Length – 4 – 8 hours
Target Audience: Team Leaders, Managers, Team Support Personnel

Transition to Teams: Designed to answer the question, “Are we ready for teams?” we assess organizational structure and culture to develop a transition plan incorporating teams to streamline processes and improve workflow. Effective teams are a critical component to a successful organization.
Course Length – 4 - 8 hours
Target Audience: Senior Management, Team Development Task Force

Team Performance Measurement and Compensation Ssystems:
An informational session addressing the concept and characteristics of a “Pay for Performance” system, review of current practices, team bonuses vs. individual bonuses, team peer review and performance standards.
Course Length – 4 hours
Target Audiences: Senior Management, Supervisors

Team Leaders

T–E-A-M –Together Each Adds More: Entry-level team member skill-building session. Team members receive training in the interpersonal and communication skills needed for effective team participation (membership) and productivity. We focus on team survival skills including individual behavior style, listening, giving and receiving feedback and conflict resolution.
Course Length – 2 Days
Target Audience: Entry-level team members

T.I.P.S. – Team Improvement, Productivity, Success: We work with team members to practice and improve upon team skills to further improve team effectiveness. Participants will work together to assess individual and team performance and develop an improvement action plan. As teams work together, both positive and negative behavior patterns emerge. We build upon the positive and constructively confront and eliminate the negative.
Course Length – 4 – 8 hours
Target Audience: Team Members

Coaching for Team Success: All teams hit plateaus at some point in their development. We provide you with a “toolkit” to manage this process through our Team Audit Guide, Rewards and Recognition plan and Team Dynamics Assessment to name a few. We also discuss your coaching style to determine which techniques work best in this life cycle of your team.
Course Length – 4 8 Hours
Target Audience – Team Coaches, Leaders

Team Meetings: In this highly interactive workshop team members will develop the skills necessary to conduct effective meetings – goal and ground rule setting, individual responsibilities, meeting time robbers, agenda and minutes and a follow-up Action Plan. Pre-work includes in-depth organizational meeting analysis. Meetings can be a valuable use of individual time and organizational resources vs. a waste of everyone’s time.
Course Length – 4 Hours
Target Audience – Managers, Coaches, Team Members

Team Certification: In a team-oriented environment, there are two radical transformations. First we implement teams and then we attempt to create a team culture. Team certification helps to set the parameters for training and development of teams as well as the performance standards for these teams. The process sets specific targets for team development and creates a built-in reward mechanism as teams progress from one level to the next. In this session we review and discuss the steps involved in implementing a certification process.
Course Length – 4 Hours
Target Audience – Senior Management, Coaches

Team Dimensions Profile

In this session we use the Team Dimensions Profile as our primary training tool. This assessment helps individuals learn to work from their strengths by identifying their most natural team role, while giving them added appreciation for the contributions of others. As a result, ream innovation and productivity increase as conflict and project-cycle time decrease.
Course Length – 4 – 8 Classroom hours
Target Audience - Team members

Diversity Awareness

Respecting Others

In this session we focus on understanding, appreciating differences and interacting in a diverse workplace. We communicate the company philosophy on organizational expectations for respectful behaviors and emphasize that is the responsibility of all to practice respectful behaviors. We establish guidelines for practicing appropriate behaviors in numerous interpersonal encounters and develop a commitment statement to engage in
respectful behaviors and actions.
Course Length 2 Classroom hours
Target Audience – General employee population

Management Session – Respecting Others

We focus on the responsibilities of leaders to create, maintain and encourage a respectful work environment. We present legal boundaries and requirements of respectful behavior as well as legal and cultural repercussions. We discuss organizational policies and examine case studies and various examples of appropriate and inappropriate interpersonal behavior. As a result of this session, managers should be qualified to meet the challenges of diversity appreciation.

Course Length – 4 classroom hours
Target Audience – Managers, Supervisors

Personal and Professional Development

Customer Service

Professional Service Works!

This is a skill-building program that uses DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior to help employees develop first-class competencies in meeting the service needs of internal and external customers. This process helps your sales, customer service and other professionals focus on customer needs, enhance relationships and increase customer satisfaction. Professional Service Works! may be used as a stand-along program.

Course Length – 8 classroom hours
Target Audience – Sales and Customer Service Professionals, all who
Interact with internal and external customers on a
Regular basis.

Consulting Services (General)

Strategic Planning

We facilitate groups of executives, Boards of Directors and other business governing bodies in developing their business or function. This process typically includes development of a vision, agreement on and commitment to an organizational mission and development of operating guidelines. We create a “roadmap” for the group as we develop business and performance objectives which become part of the ongoing action plan. Any business group which is looking to become more productive, change business focus or direction will benefit from this session.
1 – 2 day off-site process
Target audience – executives, Board of Directions, senior
Management team.

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America's 21st, Inc. is committed to helping you and your organization meet and exceed your business objectives. We achieve these results by:

  • Developing your employees to their maximum potential
  • Developing internal systems to produce practical solutions
  • Striving for long-term results vs. quick fix responses
  • Providing tools and assessments to address your business needs and help to solve problems
  • Working as your business partner to ensure that all participants are held accountable for personal and organizational success.
  • Working in collaboration will you to assess the real challenges and implement realistic solutions on a timely basis.

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About Us

Ann Egan
Vice President -- Training Services
America's 21st, Inc

Ann brings 25 years of hands-on Human Resources experience to her client organizations. During the first 15 years of her career Ann held Human Resources management positions in the manufacturing, healthcare and service industries. For the past 10 years Ann has been a professional trainer and consultant designing and conducting training processes in the areas of management development, supervisory and teamwork training, performance management, personal coaching, customer service skills, time management, personal development skills, meeting mastery, conflict resolution and diversity appreciation.

In the area of Human Resources consulting, Ann has conducted organizational Training/Needs assessments, implemented 360 Feedback sessions, designed Performance/Compensation Systems, developed and conducted Human Resources Audits, provided interim HR support, created company polices/employee handbooks, provided recruiting support, conducted Executive Search assignments, facilitated management and executive coaching activities and developed and led Executive Team Strategy and Planning Retreats in her partnerships with client organizations.

Ann works with senior-level management to entry-level staff bringing her analytical, systematic and professional approach, to each partnership challenge. Her clients range from small start-up firms to Fortune 500 companies in several industries. Her background has afforded her the opportunity to work at all organizational levels and functional areas in diverse corporate and geographic cultures, industries and global regions. Ann is a certified facilitator of well-known programs as well as an Inscape Publishing program distributor.

As your business partner, Ann will maximize your human resources by implementing and applying systems that create custom solutions for long-term organizational success. She will utilize a variety of resources in a blended learning approach to all business challenges by providing various assessments, on-line and on-site training processes and expertise from other professionals as appropriate.

Ann graduated with honors from Simmons College with a BA in International Management and Sociology from the University of Illinois with a MA in Labor and Industrial Relations. She has taught numerous adult educational community courses and has had speaking engagements with several industry groups and conferences.


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