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Americas 21st does Design, Installation and Implementation of Lean, Team Manufacturing and Processing Systems; Provision of Associated Training Services and Specialty Equipment and Devices.

  • In business since 1989 experience in designing/implementing "lean", continuous flow work cells for various products' manufacture, processing
  • Implements advanced adaptation (trademarked TSS) of the highly successful Toyota Production System, tailored to Western plants. System learned in Japan from Toyota affiliate and developer of system, Aisin Seiki, maker of parts for Toyota
  • Premier, total-capability team production systems company in the Americas
  • Has developed unique equipment to support TSS and lean manufacturing; ensure optimum productivity, ergonomics, reliability

  • Greater productivity
  • Lower labor costs
  • Lower inventory investment
  • Lower workers' compensation
  • More flexibility on pricing/margins
  • Simpler systems
  • Better space utilization, less space needed
  • Lower cost of quality
  • Higher quality
  • Repairs handled in process without delay
  • More flexibility in handling style changes, small orders
  • Lower turnover, absenteeism
  • Selling tool
  • Balanced production
  • Lower overhead
  • Greater job security
  • Healthier job
  • More satisfying job
  • Enhanced earnings opportunities
  • Better work environment
  • Quicker "just-in-time" delivery
  • Excellent quality
  • Greater customization if required
  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable supplier
  • Continuous flow manufacturing: once a product starts in manufacturing, it does not stop until completed
  • Stand up sewing, moving multi-functional team: members cover zones including several operations; know part of adjacent zones to cover for absenteeism, process time variability; members never wait for work, and work never sits idle.
  • Eliminates individual pick-ups, reduces SAMs
  • Throughput time equals processing time; quickest response for customer service, make-to-order
  • Line always balanced: optimum efficiency (average 50% productivity improvement versus batch)
  • Team produces one-at-a-time; minimum Work-In-Process - typically one unit per person except unit(s) left in cycling machine(s)


TSS virtually eliminates non-value adding activities which increase cost. It produces greater productivity per person through reduced handling, the primary portion of process time.

  • Eliminates multiple pickups, disposals
  • Reduces bundle, batch handling
  • Ends clerical time on bundles, batches

The line is fully balanced at all times. A proper team performance pay system totally eliminates all off-standard variances, performance fluctuations, work imbalances except bi-weekly team meeting (15-20 minutes) as needed, and plant-wide stoppages.

Cross-training increases flexibility to handle alternate styles, absenteeism, and turnover. TSS clusters (work cells) become "plants within a plant" allowing for style, even color focusing, simpler planning and control, reliable scheduling and measurement, and other benefits.

This style production completes each unit the day it is started which eliminates handling of repairs (as they are repaired in line) improving quality by single-piece flow for immediate defect recognition and correction. Quality is also added by paying more attention to work with constant movement, and giving team ownership of the whole product.

TSS requires some added equipment but fewer operators for same or even greater production volumes. The added equipment cost is recovered in productivity gains, benefits savings on direct labor, savings in downtime, maintenance and machine/parts replacement, faster cash flow and reduced carrying costs from inventory reduction, and overhead savings by increased output by smaller staff in existing facilities.

Fast throughput allows increased manufacturing to order versus forecasting lowering finished goods inventory (particularly high risk SKUs),
saving space from reduction in W-I-P, and the elimination of batches.
Meet Elijah Earle
Meet Elijah Earle
Eli is our technician, production manager, and resident car enthusiast. Don't ask him about his car unless you have some time available.
Meet Caleb Doty
Meet Caleb Doty
Caleb is Owner & Chief Engineer of Americas 21st.  A Military Vet and Industrial Engineer with a wide range of industry focus, he also makes pretty good Banana Bread.
Meet Ruben Rivera
Meet Ruben Rivera
Ruben is our Senior Technician. Anything he doesn't know about sewing machines he can probably figure out if you give him a couple minutes with it. He can be bribed with beer.

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Design, Installation and Implementation of Lean, Team Manufacturing and Processing Systems; Provision of Associated Training Services and Specialty Equipment and Devices.



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