New Sewing Machines

Americas 21st provides all brands of Industrial Sewing machines, and modifies them as necessary to fit your needs. From Single Needles to fully automated machines for unique applications, we always deliver the right tool for your job.

Americas 21st Special Ergonomic Equipment

Americas 21st produces its own line of specific ergonomic equipment for stand up sewing and other industrial applications. These include ergonomic pedals, Air and Electric (A/E) Boxes for workstations, the Ergonomic stands themselves, Speed controls for motor presets and Pacer and Warning light systems. These items are sold seperately, or as part of complete workstations.


Automation in the Sewing Industry is a huge challenge, but has huge payoffs. Off the shelf automation solutions require a huge amount of customization and adjustment to fit your specific needs, but the payoff is higher efficiency, de-skilled operations, quality consistency, and improved production volume. At Americas 21st, we specialize in helping you through every step of an automation proposal. Give us a call, send us some samples, and we will help you find the solution that works for you.

About AM21st

Design, Installation and Implementation of Lean, Team Manufacturing and Processing Systems; Provision of Associated Training Services and Specialty Equipment and Devices.



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