Americas 21st Signature Ergonomic Adjustable Stand

Our Ergonomic Stand is the centerpiece of TSS processes. By standing up the equipment, the workers are able to easily transition from machine to machine, eliminating worker downtime, and expediting the flow of product through the line.

  • All Steel Construction, 600 lbs max load
  • Tough, high quality casters for easily moving equipment
  • Versitile enough to be used with almost any Sewing Machine, and a wide range of uses outside of sewing
  • Designed to fit our Pedals, A/E Boxes, and acessories. 
  • Available with electric motor for push button adjustments

TSS Ergonomic Pedal

Another key part of the TSS is process is this ergonomic pedal. For standup sewing, it isn't practical or effective to have operators stand on one leg to operate a sewing medal, we designed this one to operate flush on the floor. It also comes with presets for High Speed, Low Speed, Lift, and Trim functions, which speeds training and ensures consistent stitches across a range of operators.

  • All Steel Construction, lasts for decades
  • Preset Functions enable consistency across workers
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can plug directly into most newer Jukis, Brothers, and some Jacks. Uses Speed Controls for other motors. 
  • Available in different configurations for different motors and functions

Americas 21st Speed Control

Speed Controls communicate between our pedals and the motor, enabling most major brands of motors to be used for stand up sewing. They have an adjustable dial on the front which allows the operator to quickly change the speed of the machine, allowing for consistent sewing that suits the product. 

  • Available on request for most major brands of motors.
  • Not required or available for newer Juki, Brother, and some Jacks, they have these features built in already.
  • Easy to use dial allows operators to quickly change speeds, eg: Sewing fast along a side seam, then slowing the maching to set the sleeves accurately. 

Air and Electric (A/E) Box for workstations

An incredibly versitle tool that sees use in a range of industries, this box bolts securely to the back of our stands, and provides electrical and air hookups for any equipment installed or used on the workstations. These boxes "Daisy Chain" together to manage cabling for the entire line, with plenty of outlets and air attachments for everything. 

3 Line Production Pacer

Real time performance data is a critical part of the modern manufacturing process. This tough, clearly visible display unit allows your team to track their goals and actual performance throughout the day. It communicates with a wide range of systems, and we have consitently seen 10-15% overall performance boosts just from installing it.


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