What is your most critical production challenge as a manufacturer?

We have asked this question to production managers, and the most common answer is
"Lack of trained personnel"

There are three key areas that always seem to be in critical shortage:
  • Mechanics
  • Supervisors
  • Sewers
Mechanic Training and Mentorship
You want to hire a mechanic that already knows your equipment, and knows the ins and outs of the equipment you are likely to get in the future. One who knows how make the adjustments and customizations you need to produce. Unfortunately, almost nobody gets to hire someone like that, those sort of mechanics just aren't available. 

So what you are actually going to do is hire a young person with right attitude, and train them to be the mechanic you need. You need help with that.

The Sewing Machine Mechanic Fundamentals is a multi-faceted approach, designed to develop your mechanics over time. An initial, high intensity training program will get your new mechanics up and running, but it doesn't end there. We will partner with your mechanics for years, giving them a sounding board and constant guidance as the grow and develop.

Initial Training

The initial mechanic training is a 2.5 day certification course for 1-3 Mechanics at a time. It can be taught either at your workplace or at our facilities in Greenville, SC. The instructor will be one of our team of retired Sewing Mechanics who have been in the industry for 30+ years, passing on their years of knowledge in an intensive, hands-on learning environment. These instructors have been recruited from some of the largest and most successful sewing manufacturers in the country, they are retired now, but they come back for a few weeks a year to teach new sewing mechanics for you. At the end of this course, your mechanics will be certified to maintain your company’s equipment, and ready to get to work!


Americas 21st also offers long term mentorship. We remain in a close relationship with our customers, and as long as you stay with us, our highly experienced techs and trainers are available to help your mechanics through the problems they encounter day to day. On an average day, our techs spend hours on the phone talking mechanics through the details of adjusting flatseamers, fixing the feed mechanisms on buttonsewers, and more. This essential lifeline will keep your mechanics able to tackle any challenge your plant needs!


TSS Supervisor Training

TSS is a fantastic system that produces amazing results for your company, but like any production method, it fails if your team doesn't use it. TSS isn't magic, it must be applied on a daily basis by your line supervisors, and constantly adjusted and adapted to the changing needs of the production environment. To do this, you need supervisors that can keep it running the correct way.

In Person Training

During initial setup, during a production audit, or during line engineering, one of our Process Engineers will personally train your supervisors on the details of efficiently running a TSS Production line. The training is not only on the hard science of efficient production, but also on art of agile adjustments to issues and changes that come along. This typically takes a full week of mentorship and training and leaves your supervisors with a full knowledge of not just how, but also why a TSS line functions. 

Digital Training aids

In addition to in person training, Americas 21st offers a range of digital training and testing for supervisors on TSS. These are available on request for no charge! Just contact us and get access to free training for your supervisors with a computer-based class and test.

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