AM21st 3 Line Production Display Pacer w/Palm Switch PC5000


This is a durable, industrial pace “Clock” to track production efficiency in real time.

This pacer is intended as an “Out of the Box” solution for companies that do not have full productivity tracking systems yet, and uses a simple palm switch to track production. This is a critical part of a lean production cell, as it provides easy visual awareness to everyone, workers and managers alike, of the rate of production in real time, and allows rapid problem solving.

There are far more comprehensive solutions to data driven manufacturing, but this is the fastest, cheapest, and quickest way to get real time production tracking on your plant floor. Once a more advanced system is deployed, this will likely not be needed any more, but it will have paid for itself many times over by then.

Key Features

-Large LED block lettering, easily visible across a plant floor
-Sturdy Industrial construction, sealed from dust and dirt
– Easy reset and goal setting, easy to pause and resume
– Palm switch is intuitive
– Very little training needed, and no real setup. Mount it and go.
– Post style mount for tabletops sold separately, request if needed. Can be mounted anywhere.

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