[USED] Kansai NC-1103GDA-UTA


These Machines are used, being in production at an activewear company for about 4 years. They are in great shape. They are being sold as head and motor, with no stand or tabling, as they were set up on our full Toyota Sewing System stands. If you want the entire setup, please contact us for cost.

NC series is an small cylinder bed (circumference 180mm), coverstitch machine for high speed and reliable performance. This machine has a small cylinder bed, differential feed mechanism and micro stitch adjustment. This machine is suitable for sewing sleeve cuffs, neck opening of baby’ clothing, children’s clothing.


  • FL: Pneumatic foot lifter
  • EW: Electric wiper
  • AW: Pneumatic wiper
  • AB: Air blow
  • TL: Stitch lock device
  • AP: Air presser foot
  • LED: LED light set

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Cuffs, Neck Opening, Sleeves, Childrens Clothing

Key Features

Small Cylinder Bed. Includes Undertrimmer, full function machine

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