37.5 Inch AM21st Ergonomic Workstation (No Top)


This stand is our own design, and serves as the center of the TSS production process. This particular listing is for the stand and attached A/E box, with no pedal or top, to allow for use in non-sewing applications.

Stands come in a very wide range of sizes and configurations, this one is our most popular offering.

The stand is 37.5 inches between the lifting posts, and is adjusted by a hand crank to raise and lower the stand, with a separate crank to adjust tilt.

The “H” shape of the base keeps the area underfoot clear for the operator, and the adjustments allow each operator to tailor the station to their height and needs easily. The stand is of durable, all steel construction, powder coated white. Many of these stands have been in use for over 30 years, and are just as functional as the day they were bought.

The included A/E box holds all the power and compressed air fittings you need to operate the work station. This AM21st design allows the “Daisy Chain” of multiple workstations to use a single air and electric connection, allowing modular and rapidly reconfigurable work clusters.


Height and Tilt

Key Features

-600 lb max capacity
– All Steel construction with high quality powder coating
– Very high quality locking casters
– 37.5 inch width, 44 inch max lift (Other sizes available on request)
-Air and Electric box
– Default is 220v, 110v, and compressed air connections
-Allows a "Daisy Chain" to connect up to 10 workstations, allowing for fast modular work clusters
– Simplifies electrical connections and provides built in cable management in industrial settings
-Can carry a huge range of work surfaces and applications

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