Blank 30×60 Standing workstation on “T-Post” stand


This is an example of the modular workstations we offer. This one has a blank top, 30 inches deep by 60 inches wide. This area is optimized for a single worker to utilize the entire work surface without stretching or straining, while minimizing wasted space.

The T-Post is a sturdy set of table legs to provide a stable surface, with industrial casters for easy repositioning. The height of the table can be adjusted, but there is no tilt, and adjusting the height is not an operator level task.


30×60 inches


Height only

Key Features

– 500 lb max capacity
– Top is 1 1/5 inch thick, with edges and worksurfaces professionally finished.
– High quality industrial casters for easy repositioning
– Screw risers for easy leveling when stationary

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