Jack S5-91


The Jack S5-91 is a Post Bed, Wheel Feed, Single Needle Lockstitch machine. This configuration is excellent for sewing tight corners and gradual curves. These machines are commonly used on headwear, footwear, bags, and other applications where sewing must be done along contours. Like all single needle lockstitch, this can be a highly versatile machine.

The pronounced “Lean” of the machine towards the operator allows better control of the material as it gives a clear top down view of the sewing area. The machine’s center of gravity is still entirely upright! This is a very popular machine for the sort of technical sewing applications that are common in the US.

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Key Features

-Wheel Feed
-Post Bed
-Full Function
-Exceptional Turning and Needle Control
-Machine leans towards operator for better control and ergonomics.
– 220v (Can convert to 110v with a $120 transformer)

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