Jack T-2210 Pattern Tacker


The Jack T2210 is an excellent entry point into Automation for Production Sewing. This cost is for the basic machine with stepper foot only, but the T2210 is also the basis for many customized Automation projects for more advanced sewing. Extremely affordable relative to its peers, with intuitive programing options, this machine excels at projects with repetitive, small area, flat sewn products. Common uses include labels (Usually requires custom clamping), Bartacking, MOLL-E Sewing (Military and Tactical Gear), and Sleeve and Cuff assembly.

Contact us for a specific use case you are considering it for, and let us help you find the ideal technology to do it.

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Lockstitch Tacker



Sewing Field


Key Features

– Programable with up to 999 preset patterns
– Comes with Stepper Foot and Hoop Clamp
– Extremely customizable with advanced clamps and programming (Will cost extra)
– Extremely affordable Automation

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